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All Bracelets by LivBeads

For centuries people have believed beads and stones have various healing and mystical powers. From helping with anxiety and relieving stress to bringing courage and luck to the wearer, there is a story for most stones.

They also look cool as a fashion bracelet. 

The beauty of making the bracelets myself is that I can adjust designs to suit the wearer so if you do not see exactly what you want then just let me know what colours and size you like and I will make it for you. 

I made a few bracelets for friends and family and the response was fantastic.  At this time a friend who deals with aromatherapy and essential oils asked if I could make one of the bracelets to use with essential oils as a diffuser but without the charms most sellers have. So I adjusted one of the bracelets and instead of using Onyx I used Lava Stones, again the response was incredible and a new market opened up for me. 

So now I have a large range of designs as shown here. I am coming up with new ideas all the time and inspiration comes from many different places. 

I also welcome bulk and wholesale enquiries on 25 bracelets and above.

Bracelets will be in a white organza pouch.



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