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About us

Why should you buy from us? Simple, because we care. Every bracelet is designed and made by us in our in house Midlands studio. Your satisfaction is our existence and we want to proud to see people happily wearing our bracelets. 
Olivia Esme Jewellers and LivBeads was started by myself and Laura in 2015.
Since starting in the jewellery and watch industry almost 30 years ago I had always dreamed of starting my own business, but like all dreams, time got in the way.
Laura studied jewellery design and worked on the benches designing and making her own jewellery for several years before then going into the retail side of jewellery. She still makes her own jewellery in a workshop at our home selling to friends and on Etsy.
I had been suffering a medical condition for many years which I tried not to let drag me down but unfortunately it eventually got the better of me and just last year I needed several emergency and life changing operations which left me unable to work. 
It was then that I guess we decided that it was the perfect time to realise our dream and start our own business full time. Rather than sitting and using an illness and recovery as an excuse, we used it as a boost to do something we had always wanted to do. 
Enjoy our store and please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any advice.
Thank you
Simon, Laura & Liv